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We assist first time hotels owners to build, operate & manage their hotels efficiently 

About Us


RealtyIndex is a hotel consulting firm that offers a wide range of services to independent hotel owners, operators, and private investors. As a hotel consulting firm we focus to understand your business goals and where we could add in long term value. Our hotel consulting services are supported by a team of seasoned hoteliers, financial management pros and hotel real estate experts who are familiar, possess a deep understanding to resolve any hotel operational or development situations that a hotel business could face. We  identify practical workable and cost effective solutions that reduce risks and increase profitability of your hotel.  

Our Services

we help you build, manage, operate, re-brand and reposition your hotel to gain maximum profitability


Operator Selection

Operator selection careful analysis  while identifying and appointing the right hotel management operator. A branded operator bring along brand value, sustainability, and profitably while managing and operating a hotel. Operator selection doesn’t  limit to just short listing a suitable operators but also involves to understand the operators reputation, past performances, operating commercial terms, and the expenses involved to sign up an operator 

Third Party

Hotels operated under a third-party management is a three-dimensional engagement that involves the owner, a hotel franchise brand and an operator engaged under a management contract (known as a third-party operator). The owner has a direct access and involvement, while the franchise brand focuses on the development and distribution network, while the third party operates the hotel on professional grounds. This typically suits mid-scale and budget hotel owners who want to be more involved in their business however lac skills

Fixed Lease

Fixed lease or fixed rental return area typical real estate rental deal, where the hotel owner gets steady flow of rental income along with periodic escalations during the lease term period. This is a popular demand of most budget hotel owners who have created an asset, however are not willing to undertake the risks. Owners now could  choose from fixed lease or a revenue sharing options often termed as floating lease with a minimum guarantee.      

Pre Opening

We assist hotel owners to pre plan and arrange all necessary hotel operations at cost effective prices for an efficient business operation 

Hotel Investments

Identifying new business opportunities through investments in hotel assets, for private and institutional investors

Contract Rep

Fixed lease, management, revenue sharing & franchise management negotiations. Representation services for hotel owners

Project Management

Get customized solutions that match your development  


  • Asset/Portfolio Acquisition due diligence
  • Repositioning strategy
  • Budgetary control of project to avoid cost escalations
  • Development planning & oversight

Concept & Feasibility

  • Choosing a suitable operating format to suite the location and market demand
  • Investment Analysis based on performance projections
  • 3rd Party Consultant Coordination

Financial Management

  • Operational  profit optimization
  • Operating & capital budget review
  • Owner-level accounting
  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • Budgetary control of project to avoid cost over runs
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