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About Us

RealtyIndex is a hotel consulting firm that offers a wide range of services to independent hotel owners, operators, and private investors. As a hotel consulting firm we focus to understand your business goals and where we could add in long term value. Our hotel consulting services are supported by a team of seasoned hoteliers, financial management pros and hotel real estate experts who are familiar, possess a deep understanding to resolve any hotel operational or development situations that a hotel business could face. We  identify practical workable and cost effective solutions that reduce risks and increase profitability of your hotel.

Client Services

Operator Selection

Engaging a suitable hotel operator on the right commercials is important, since the future business performance and the profitability of the hotel would depend on the expertise and the reputation the operator carries in the industry.        

Investment Advisory

At RealtyIndex, we identify hotel investment opportunities to existing hotel owners, private investors and operators who are keen to invest. We maintain a large inventory of hotel properties that could be turned around to profits.         

Hotel Leasing

Fixed lease or fixed rental return. This is a popular demand of most budget hotel owners who have created an asset, however are not willing to undertake the risks. We identify potential operators who operate hotels through a long term fixed leasing business module.  

Pre Opening

A very critical and busy period before your hotel finally opens its doors for the guests to arrive. We overlook and bring together all aspects during the pre opening stages of a hotel. We arrange and maintain our selves as a single point of contact for owners who plan to open their hotel.   

Development & Planing

Hotel project execution and planning, where we provide guidance to first time and existing hotel owners while the project is either at drawing board stages or in a raw phase of initial development. We cover and guide owners at all stages of  development on turnkey basis. 

Feasibility Analysis

A critical aspect and detailed  analysis study to any new hotel development. Business projections in relation to the investments and  ROI. A must for any planed hotel development.   

What Do We Offer

      • Connect to the right resources under a single umbrella.
      • Planing, implementation & execution.
      • Hand holding for first time hotel owners.
      • Cost analysis & business viability.
      • Check financial & business risks
      • Repositioning strategy for existing hotel owners. 
      • Innovative solutions that meets your hotel business.  
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