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maximize opportunities & reduce  business risks

Who Are We


Realty Index is a consulting firm with business interests in hotel assets and consulting services. We have been in business  for close to two decades and come with diversified expertise in estate  management, investments, acquisitions and financial management. Out team consists of seasoned independent consultants, who are hoteliers and investment professionals. We focus to assist owners, operators and private investors to achieve their  business goals.

We advise hotel owners, investors, and operators on how to optimize investments, enhance asset value and maximize profitability

What Do You Get

  • Standardized operating procedures.
  • Low operating costs & reduced risks.
  • Better guest experience. 
  • Planning implementation & execution.
  • Efficient management services.
  • Connecting the right resources.
  • A professional look and feel.
  • Safeguarding all your business interests.  


Operator Selection

Identifying a suitable operator would be the key to operate a hotel offering standardized services. A mismatch could change and lead to conflicts, lack of business coordination, financial mismanagement. We identify and suggest the right operator suitable for your business by analyzing your business demands, destination and type and category of the hotel.


Investments in hotel are a complex issue which requires careful planning and execution. A wrong move could lead to financial losses. We at work closely with investors offering detailed information at all levels, which helps take firm decisions. A right investment ensures better ROI and business sustainability

Project Execution

First time hotel development in Green & Brown field projects or upgrading of an existing hotel. We assist first time hotel owners to plan their development. We have an in house team of independent architects, planners and financial consultants who come together to execute hotel projects.

Rev Partnerships

Revenue sharing partnership opportunities for hotel owners who do not wish to operate the hotel themselves. We identify and suggest experiences operators who in house trained staff to operate the hotel on economical terms and costs ensuring consistent revenue flow to the owners.

Market & Feasibility

A critical and important aspect to be considered by owners before executing a new hotel project / development. We carefully analyses the local micro markets, hotel business prospects, local competition and many more aspects to conclude the business viability of the project

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