In this segment, we assist hotel property owners and operators to identify potential business partners for mutual benefits. Hotels, resorts and holiday homes to global and domestic operators on flexible commercial terms.   

Fixed Lease
Contract are offered through owner representation services, where owners earn a fixed revenue through rentals on their investments. We identify proposed tenants who are financially strong and have a brand value.
Revenue Sharing
We identify revenue sharing business partners who bring about a change in your hotel business, by cutting costs and increase the revenues creating a win win situation for both the partners. The hotel is managed and operated by the revenue partner in a professional manner enhancing guest experience.
JV Partnerships
We assist owners who have hotel at a green or brownfield stages, through equity infusion as JV partners. We identify potential investors or operators who are willing to assist owners on mutual benefits.
Sale Of Hotels & Resorts
We assist owners to identify potential investors / buyers to sell their property. Proposals are made on basis of the location, current revenue, and the condition of the property. We assist to sell properties with clear ownership title only.