B&B Hotel Marketing & Business Strategies

B&B Hotel Marketing & Business Strategies

What do we meaning by Bed & Breakfast Hotel –  B&B can be termed as an overnight lodge or an economy hotel with limited services to overnight business or leisure travelers. This could be a private home of 4 to 6 rooms termed as B &B home stay or a family operated hotel with 10 to 15 keys. The success of operating a B&B depends of various factors, such as the local market, type of destination seasonal or year-round, local attractions and tourist footfall, amenities and service standards and the reputation. In this blog we will focus on the what are the guest expectations, common mistakes to avoid and the marketing strategies available to promote a B&B home stay or hotel.

Guest expectations – could be a long and endless list. However, maintaining certain standards, ensures comfortable stay, a warm welcome and guest convenience at large. Some of the basics owners or an operator should consider are as under.  

  • Standard room size with pleasing color combinations    
  • Clean washrooms with hot and cold water.
  • Clean and room linen with a spare set.
  • Source of natural lighting and ventilation  
  • Air conditioning and heating facilities.
  • Free internet through Wi-Fi system
  • Mobile check in facilities
  • Simple home cooked food or choice of local cuisine
  • Hospitable and welcoming staff members.  

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not understanding your local markets
  • Under selling and over delivering
  • Doing all by yourself.  Jack of all trades.
  • Little to no understanding of the guest segment, demographics, and behavior.  
  • Rushing to accept guests when your hotel is not ready for it.
  • Employing or engaging un-trained staff. 

 Marketing Strategies to promote your B&B Hotel

  • Efficient and standardized service promotes a word of mouth recommendation by your guest to others.     
  • Website promotion search engine plat forms
  • Social media platforms are a great way to connect with past and future guests. Engage professional marketers to promote your business.  
  • Informative and engaging blogs, articles, videos of the local surrounding, festival attractions and cuisines.
  • Maintain presence on all OTA platforms
  • Network with tour and travel agents.
  • Special offers to corporate employees
  • Wish and greet your guests on their special occasions and festivals.
  • Special add on offers to your in-house guests.  

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