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Fixed rental revenues from your hotel investment.  

Leasing Hotels

Our consulting and advisory services.

RealtyIndex offers fixed leasing services to owners. We identify potential tenants or operators with strong financial backgrounds who would be interested leasing out your hotel on long term basis. This business module suits owners who do not wish to undertake the  business risks or do not wish to involved them selves in the hotel’s business. We ensure potential tenants who posses the expertise and background to operate hotels on fixed lease, since this is maintains a long term tenant owner business relation. However, on the flip side, fixed lease revenues offer less returns, to hotel owners compared to the hotel’s actual revenue generating capacity.  

Our Representation

Our role to lease out hotel. 

  • Market analysis: Hotel consultants can conduct a market analysis to identify potential lessees for the hotel. This analysis can include an assessment of demand, competition, and other factors that could impact the hotel’s lease ability.
  • Valuation: We help owners determine the marketable lease value of their hotel, which can be useful in negotiations with potential lessees.
  • Marketing: We market  using a variety of channels such as industry networks, online platforms, and direct outreach to identify potential tenants.
  • Negotiation: We assist owners in negotiations with potential lessees, helping to ensure that the owner’s interests are protected and that the lease terms are fair and equitable.
  • Lease structure: Get lease agreements in a way that maximizes your returns and minimizes their risks, taking into account factors such as rent, lease term, and operational responsibilities. 
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