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Office Spaces

If you are looking at leasing, investing, or selling an office space, we assist you with all steps, as this requires careful planning. Commercial terms related to the development of the building overall, floor plate efficiency, the location of the property, license permits obtained by the builder, maintenance contracts and electricity charges all that matters. We have the prior experience and expertise to identify the right space with the right commercial terms which would protect your financials in the longer period of time.

Investment Services

The type of development, location, and connectivity matter to a large extent, as that will ensure the type of tenants who would finally sign up for office space. A thorough analysis and due diligence are important to get the maximum returns on your investments.

Selling an office space

It’s always advisable, to have tenants signed up in the proposed office space for sale, as this attracts investors interests and moreover gives the owner a premium resale value.

Leasing Services

Space requirements by MNC or domestic corporations depend on the business profile. Space requirement could be large or small. The company could have a profile where the business is based on a large number of walk-ins clients, hence it always makes sense to be well located, in an “A Grade” premium business park address. On the other hand, if the business profile is not based on walk-ins than leasing an office space in “B Grade” would be more cost-effective.

Our Services | Sales  & Leasing

Used and refurbished furnished ready to move in office spaces. Quick options for Bpo’s

Ready to move in business centre space at cost-effective rates

Warm shell Office space which can be designed as per specifications, best suited for I.T. | Call centre operations

Office space in the commercial development &  “A Grade “Business Parks